Caps And Inner

Wholesale caps / inner for hijabs and shawls

Scarf inner or cap is used as under head wear to keep the hijab fit on the women head. The new designs scarves and shawls also require inners to wear on head before wraping the cloth qround the head so the upper layer fit on the head properly.We have a variety of designs and colors Caps / Inner date. With embroidery and beads will add beautiful decorated when worn. Fabric used is flexible, smooth. comfortable and high quality.

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Criss Cross Ninja cap -borong Tudung - 10 pieces pack

Ninja cap - Criss cross or single silang Size = Standard..


Dua tone topi tudung - Kedai Borong - 10 pieces pack

Dua tone topi adalah topi yang cantik dan baik cari boleh didapati dalam 20 warna Size = Standard..


Ninja Cap tudung for shawls and syria tudung - 10 pieces pack

Ninja topi mempunyai kecantikan sendiri ketika memakai Size = Standard..


simple cap inner tudung - one tone - 10 pieces pack

Topi ini adalah sangat cantik dan boleh didapati dalam 20 warna Size = Standard..


Snow cap harga borong cotton material - 10 pieces pack

Snow capHarga BorongCotton material Size = Standard 10 pca and 20 pcs packs available..