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What is hijab?

The quest what is hijab is commonly asked by many people. The link above give the best to the point information to know about this term and gives the Quranic (written in holy book of Quran) reference.

Wearing a bawal scarf

Bawal is a piece of light weight cloth in a square shape. Wearing a bawal head scarf is easy but one must use simple technique. The video link above shows how to wear it simply and easily.

Women in Islam

Islam is a religion which gives importance to the rights of women. Normally peoiple are curious about the role of Muslim women in society. Wikipedia page gives the nice references to know about women position in Islam.

Cheap Hijabs in UK

Amazing prices offered by hijab shop in UK which is also beyound our understanding. Have a look and you may shop as well.

Malay Translation

Many people find difficulty is translation material from English or any other language to Malay. The simple and best solution is to use Google Translation where you can paste content and translate to Malay language.